Capital is at Risk and Bondholders may not get back all monies invested.

Announcing Secured UK Renewable Energy


+£18.25M Successfully Raised Capital



All Bondholders receive First Legal Charge over our assets.



Returns will be paid on a fixed term basis with income or deferred options.

Phase 4 Now Open 7-11% Bonds

Future Renewables Eco (FRE) PLC is a renewable energy company established to take advantage of opportunities in the UK clean energy sector. Our established relationships with landowners, developers, planners and energy companies across the UK allow us to identify and capitalise early on potential opportunities.

  • This is an opportunity to invest and experience fixed returns for 3 or 5 years
  • Expert team with a combined 20+ years experience in the renewable energy sector
  • Phase 1 & 2 fully funded & fully operational. Phase 3 fully funded and under development.

Corporate Bond Investment WITH ADDED SECURITY

Future Renewables Eco Plc has appointed a Security Trustee on behalf of all our bondholders. The Security Trustee will act on behalf of the Bondholders in the event of default but cannot guarantee any return of monies invested. While the Security Trustee is regulated by the FCA as a firm the role of a security trustee is not a regulated activity. The FCA therefore, do not oversee the security trustee function. Bondholders investing in this bond are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Each phase that Future Renewables Eco Plc release is fully asset-backed and the sites are insured. ENQUIRE NOW